Back from Smile’s seminar on open source BI solutions.

I’m just back from Smile‘s seminar on open source BI solutions in Paris where I was giving, with Patrice Bertrand and Badr Chentouf, an overview of open source Business Intelligence solutions.

After a general presentation, we showed demos of major open source BI solutions and tools such as Pentaho, JasperServer, Talend Open Studio, Eclipse BIRT. Representatives of JasperSoft and Talend where also in the room to answer some technical or specific questions.

This is a picture of the room, after the seminar since I forgot to ask someone to take pictures during the presentations.

Smile open source BI Seminar

Anyway, the room was quite full, with over 80 people in it.

First feedbacks are very good and there was a lot of interest for these solutions from the audience.

This was the seminar subscription page, but that’s too late, sorry. For more information you may want to read this white paper, still from Smile -in French, subscription required-.