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ShareMedia 0.1.31 released

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After several months without any release, here is the current developper version :


  • Better management of files
  • Basic support for video
  • OpenGL viewer
  • Improved gallery Widget
Open GL Viewer

This version is available as download and by the update system.

Please note:

  • Help system is not ready yet and raise an error, the first time you start sharemedia. Just ignore it for now
  • Open GL viewer is only tested on windows at the moment, but it should work on linux and mac. Please report any problems.
  • If you have problems when upgrading, remove the DB folder of your library, and import back your content. (The database format has changed some time ago.)

Download Sharemedia from sourceforge

UPDATE : Opengl is not working on mac and linux due to a bad plugin packaging. I’ll fix it asap.