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  • Java Stateless Session Filter released on sourceforge

    I just finished publishing on sourceforge a simple filter named Java Stateless Session Filter which let you change the way your application use HTTP session without refactoring the code, or share user session between webapps while using the standard session API. (...)

  • Nebula project news

    Nebula is a rather active Eclipse project even if it is maintained mostly by individuals (see Nebula statistics on Ohloh). It can also be very silent :-) . If you’re not following the cvs commit log, the dev mailing list or open bugs, it can be hard to notice what is going on. (...)

  • Unicode : the reason you need ICU for Java

    There are several ways to code accented characters in Unicode. At first, it seems to be only technical details. Most Java developers use Strings without taking much care of how it is stored internaly. Convertion problems happen sometimes but can be easily fixed in most cases. But things are more complicated here. Java Strings can use the two forms and both are valid : Eclipse debugger displays the same value for each one. (...)

  • Eclipse Now You Can 2007

    I’m back from Eclipse Now You Can 2007 which took place in Paris, last Friday (october 12th). This is a short summary of the day. (...)

  • Administration SVN

    L’administration d’un référentiel SVN est beaucoup plus facile que la structure du référentiel ne le laisse supposer. Des outils d’administration sont fournis et permettent de faire des exports/imports d’une sélection de révisions ou retirer completement des fichiers ou dossiers du référentiel sans perturber l’historique des commits. (...)

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