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Esigate 4.0 released!

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Esigate is a reverse proxy, designed for integration purposes. A typical use is to merge PHP applications like Drupal, eZpublish, … with Java custom developments into a single, very fast web application.

The new website lists some successful users, including the French national railway company, Capgemini, Smile and others companies and public institutions. We have more users to add to this list, but we are waiting for their authorization. Some of them can be found with simple google search :-). If you are an esigate user, please get in touch with us to have your logo and name added to the site.

This release introduces a standalone server (it no longer requires a servlet engine) and an extension API making it easier to add new features and change default behavior.

Apache HttpClient now replaces the previous custom HTTP cache implementation. We worked with HTTP client team during the last months to fix several issues which where affecting esigate.

More information and downloads on the new esigate website.